More fun with coat care



Itis no great surprise to us thatour Yorkies are not a "wash'n wear" breed.Of course genetics does play a role,butultimatelya full coat is the result of someone's investment into longtermplanning,as top condition doesn't just happen.
We're all prepared to do it - over many month or years. As maintenance is the key word - you need to love the discipline of grooming but even for those hairmaniacs(likemyself), sooner or laterthose lazy moments happen, which if you don't have a little recipe to getthroughit - can ruin everything.

The main priorityshould be the grooming place itself - as our dogs are small we don't needmuch space,butit should be as comfortable as possible - a place where you really like to go, even if it is to work!
A proper chair, which does notcause backache even after using it for several hours, is worth the investment. I find those small office chairs with wheelsare not too bad- alternatively a professional hairdresser'schairworks welland isnot expensive.


One can findmany of the helpful items needed to organise the grooming place at hardware shops, or wholesale hairdresser supplies.
A wall mounted holder for the dryer or iron, and compartmentalised boxes for organising the little bits and pieces that one uses, makes all the equipment easily accessible.


As we spend so much time in our grooming space, there are simple, small things which can makethe work easy & fun!

AsmallTV and/or Musicstation - fixed on the wall- doesn't steal space and give you the chance tolisten toyour favourite music or
catchup on news.

As "dog people",I guess your phoneringsas much as mine, so instead of stopping the work to search for the phone - a phone,or perhaps even a headset, should haveaplace also at your grooming table- so that you can chat while having both hands "free" to continue grooming.

As my grooming area is 15 stairs away from the kitchen,
Iinvestedone of those cheap & cute little camping refrigerators
to have a cold Coke "on hand" if needed - on top of it there is also enough space for a little coffee/tea machine.
As our Yorkies just loved those doggy milk drops, a big box of those alsohas a place inside the fridge, to give them a little reward after finishing their grooming.

Nobody has a perfect memory, and a large wall calendar is very useful in assisting with the grooming roster, especially if you have more than just one dogs in wraps.
A quick glance will tell you when the last bath for dog X or Y was.
I love those nice ones availableforour breed.


From time to time do a re-check on the material you are working with - not only because a old, damaged brush (for example) with rotten or lostpins may damage the coat and is uncomfortable for the dogs skin. It's not nice to work with andwastes time while grooming.With aperfect brush you may go through the coatonce or twiceto get it in good order again- an imperfect brush may double your work.
I feel, sometimes even a very little investment- like a new Ponytail comb in a fancy colour,can makemy workmoreenjoyable.In order to not end up with a pile of broken and worn out material, follow the golden rule: Buy one new - throw one old one away!
As bathing, followed by blow drying, always takes a long time, a professional dryer with high volume of air really reduces your blow drying time drastically- we don't want heat, but air volume power which willsaveup tohalfof your time (and electricity energy)
Even though it may be a bigger investment - if youhavemore than just 2 or 3Yorkies, it's worthconsideringit. Once youhavethe right dryer - you will feel lost without it. In addition this high volume of air will get the hair straight almost automatically - without big effort in brushing & the new generation of these dryers are super quiet that you even don't have to stop a phone conversation while working.
Last but not least - stay in contact with people as passionate as you are in case of coat care
(or even a bit more will not damage anything) - tomotivate each other from time to time if needed. This also helps to keep abreast of new trends and innovations in grooming accessories, and will help to figure out what works for you - to have more fun while grooming!

Beate Ackermann, 2009